Discussion of Recent Invalidation of the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework for Online Privacy

Last week, I was a guest on the “This Week in Law” Podcast, where I talked about the potential impact of the recent invalidation of the US-EU Safe Harbor framework for online privacy. This will likely have far-reaching consequences for startups with users in the EU. Click on the link below for my discussion and for a lively debate on privacy public policy in general.

Court’s Invalidation of Zappos.com’s Arbitration Provision Offers Lessons for Company Websites

Late last year, the United States District Court of Nevada handed down a ruling that has significant consequences for companies engaged in commerce on the internet.[1] In the case, customers of online retailer Zappos.com sued the company seeking damages resulting from a security breach in which a hacker accessed Zappos’ customer information in 2012. Zappos attempted to invoke the arbitration provision contained in its website’s Terms of Use, but the court held that the Terms of Use did not constitute a valid or enforceable agreement to arbitrate. [Read more…]