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Jennifer Wilson is a Louisville-based attorney whose practice focuses on corporate and securities law; she also volunteers at a Louisville non-profit organization providing legal advice to veterans. She is a 2005 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and a 1993 graduate of Transylvania University. Prior to practicing law, she was a Japanese-to-English translator of primarily automotive-related materials.

Selling Your Business – Practical Tips for Sellers – Part 5: Due Diligence

This post was jointly written by Jennifer Wilson and Casey W. Riggs.

This is the fifth in a series of posts discussing the sale of a business from the seller’s perspective. In the first four posts, we provided an introduction to this series and discussed asset versus stock sales, seller financing, earn-outs, and letters of intent. In this fifth post, we’ll discuss the beginning of the deal process (after signing of the LOI), which typically begins with a comprehensive review of the seller’s business by the buyer (generally referred to by those in the M&A industry as simply “due diligence”).[1] [Read more…]

Drafting Nondisclosure Agreements in the M&A Context: Consider What Will Happen When the Deal Goes South

Let’s say you’re buying a business. As a condition to receiving more information, you are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement that contains all of the usual blather. You then start to sift through the mountains of information provided (and have your accountants and lawyers do the same, at considerable expense) to decide whether the company is worth purchasing, and on what terms. You like what you see, so you negotiate a letter of intent, and continue your due diligence investigation. You spend five or six months in negotiations and due diligence to the tune of many thousands of dollars (or more). [Read more…]